A man was working at home when he heard something fall on the couch. Then he found a small animal.

Photographer Rian Nissens moved into his new home in South Africa and found the place already occupied. Right under the roof was a family of small galago primates. Four of the adult animals had taken a fancy to the house and made their nest.

Rian was not bothered by the unusual neighborhood, and he decided not to disturb the animals. But one day he had to get to know them better.
The photographer said he was working at his computer when he heard a strange sound.

It turned out that a little cub had fallen out of the nest and landed right on the couch. Luckily the baby was unharmed and only mildly frightened. The mother, on the other hand, was restlessly pacing up and down on the roof, watching Rian closely.

The man was fascinated by the little fellow and took a good look at him.

Rian looked at the baby and made sure it was okay, then placed it on the kitchen table.

The baby was immediately followed by his mother, who had been watching what was happening for a long time, but was afraid to come any closer.

And so she delivered her baby back to the nest in a few spectacular jumps.

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