A penguin escaped from a flock of orcas because he jumped into a boat with tourists

Matt Carsten and his wife Anna are travel bloggers who blog about their adventures. They recently witnessed a real chase.

While touring the Gerlache Strait in Antarctica, a pack of killer whales suddenly appeared in the water chasing a penguin. The poor bird was escaping the chase and just didn’t know where to hide. Luckily, on the way of the penguin trying to escape was a group of tourists on boats. And in them the northern bird saw a way of its salvation.

The penguin jumped out of the water and hid in it again. The killer whales chased him and would not give up. The bird tried to jump onto one of the boats, but hit its head on the side and fell into the water. At this point the video interrupted, and viewers probably thought that orcas did catch up with their prey after the pursuit.

But then the video resumes, and the viewers see an underwater shooting with killer whales. Then the author of the video demonstrates the continuation of the chase again. The penguin still escapes from the chase, the killer whales swim after him. Then the bird makes another attempt to get on the boat, and it is successful. True, one of the passengers had to support the penguin with his hand.

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