A person saddened by the loss of his dog goes to a shelter and adopts those dogs that no one wants.

Steve Greg is a big animal lover who has always had a lot of animals in his home in Colorado. As a child, he had several pets in his house. And then, growing up, he continued to take in animals in need.

Steve has a large territory with enough space for furry creatures. Because of this, he usually had three or four dogs in the house at the same time.

Unfortunately, one of Steve’s dogs died. This loss especially touched Steve, and he wanted to do something in memory of his puppy.

Steve decided to go to a local shelter and take an «unsuitable for adoption» dog. He wanted to give this dog a chance at a good life.

«So I adopted a 12-year-old chihuahua named Eeyore with a heart murmur and four sore knees and brought him home. And that was just the beginning of all the animals,» Steve told our editorial staff.

After that, Steve started bringing more and more animals in need.

Now Steve has 10 elderly dogs living in his house. He took two pigeons and two ducks that needed a home. Steve also adopted a pig named Bikini.

Steve was thrilled to be able to bring home a pet pig. And the Bikini fit well into his house!
The pig thinks she’s a dog, and gets along especially well with Eeyore and the Irish Wolfhound.
Steve also picked up a rabbit that he found in his yard. As a result, the rabbit turned out to be very calm. And he got along well with all the dogs.

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