A pit bull filled with milk approaches the rescuers and directs them to help the puppies.

Employees of the Villalobos Pit Bull Rescue Center in New Orleans, USA, received a completely unexpected call.

A security guard from a nearby supermarket called them to report that she had seen a very poor, emaciated and sick mother dog wandering around the parking lot.

The woman reported that no one seemed to know who the animal belonged to. But one thing was for sure: she had just had puppies, and for some reason they were not with her.

But where were her babies? Rescuers set out to find the mother as soon as possible and find the babies.

It wasn’t hard to find Mom. As soon as the team arrived, a shaking and skinny dog approached them. She was friendly and seemed a little anxious too. Besides, it was clear that she had recently become a mother.

As soon as the pit bull noticed that the team had good intentions, she herself took them to the nearest house.
There was a knock on the door and the man opened it. He informed them that the dog belongs to his roommate, who is now in prison.

The man added that he had been taking care of the animal all this time. But the rescuers saw that this man was not telling the truth.

The puppies of the dog were in the house, but the owner refused to give them away, So rescuers were able to save only the mother, who was very sad when her babies were taken away from her.

Within a few days, rescuers were able to get legal permission to return to the house where the puppies were. They took the kids to the shelter, where their mother was eagerly waiting for them.

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