A puppy abandoned outside a supermarket couldn’t hide its happiness when someone came to take it home

It’s very sad to hear stories about cats and dogs who have been abandoned by their owners. But fortunately, there are many people who are eager to help these poor creatures find a home or a suitable shelter.

Animal lovers will rejoice when they see a video of an abandoned puppy being rescued and given a second chance at life. Takis Shelter, a nonprofit animal rescue group in Greece, shared the video.

In the video you can see a white puppy sitting in an empty cardboard box outside the supermarket. According to representatives of the shelter, someone left the poor dog here in the hope that customers would support her and possibly adopt her. Unfortunately, no one seemed to pay any attention to her.

The shelter says that because there are so many abandoned animals on the streets in Greece, people are used to seeing and hearing them. No wonder they often pass by these unfortunate creatures without even giving them a glance.

Takis, founder of the Takis Shelter, rushed to rescue the dog, and it was a blessing. He named the little puppy Maisie and took her home with him. Even though she was abandoned, she was polite and sweet. She was very happy to make new friends and play with them at the shelter, especially a dog named Ozzie.

Her life at the shelter is pleasant, but she always needs someone to take care of her. Maisie found her new home in less time than Takis anticipated. She was adopted by a lovely couple living on a farm in Crete. She has many siblings in her new home.

Watch the full video here:

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