A puppy of unknown breed fell as if from the sky into the family yard

A very unusual thing happened to an Australian family out of the blue. The children told their parents that a puppy had fallen from the sky. The father went to the yard and found a baby that looked like a fox. The man decided that the animal was just lost and soon his mother will come for him. But it wasn’t like that…

For several hours the animal whimpered in the grass. The mother never came for him. Then the man decided to take the strange find to the vet.

The doctor found claw marks on the baby. Most likely some big bird kidnapped him and lost him on the way. Perhaps the children were right…

After a few simple procedures, it was determined that it was neither a dog at all, nor a fox, but a real dingo. The baby quickly reacted to the finger that the specialist put up its nose. According to the preliminary assessment, the animal was no more than five weeks old.

After a detailed analysis, it was determined that the puppy was a purebred of his group. This is very rare nowadays. Such a breed has long been mixed in with regular dogs. When Wandy grows up, he will help revive the purebred dingo population.

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