A red panda that escaped from a British nature reserve twice has been caught

A naughty red panda, which escapes from its enclosure for the second time in a month, was caught and returned to the territory of the reserve.

A famous male small panda named Kush, who lives in a wildlife park in Dried Apricots (Isle of Man, the crown possession of the British Crown), a few days ago made a second escape from the fenced territory of the reserve.

Красная панда, дважды сбежавшая из британского заповедника, была поймана

A seven-year-old red panda was spotted on top of a tree by passers-by.

After the stubborn beast refused to leave a secluded place on its own, the participants of the rescue operation, using a bucket of special equipment and a saw, forced him to jump onto a stretched awning.

Красная панда, дважды сбежавшая из британского заповедника, была

The animal was immediately sent to the hospital department of the park for examination. Although it was clear that the animal was not injured. According to experts, red pandas can fall from fairly tall trees.

The panda is fine. Apart from the fact that he came back quite hungry and literally swallowed his lunch. Now he is being taken care of in the hospital department of the park, where he enjoys some kind of «panda pie», as well as fruits, sweet potatoes and fresh bamboo.

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