A sad dog lay on a bench with a note next to it

A family from Spain noticed this sad dog lying on a bench. The animal, chained to the bench with a leash, was looking around with sad eyes. Passersby immediately contacted rescuers.

Marcella Goldberg, a local animal rescuer, responded to the people’s request. She wasn’t surprised by this dog, because there have been many such cases since the pandemic began.

Next to the dog there was a note with a stone on it. When people read it, they felt even more sorry for the little guy. It turned out that he had been left here because of his abusive owners. This is what was in the note:

«My name is Max. Please give me a home.

If you found this dog, please take care of him. It pains me to leave him, but I made this decision because my family treated him terribly.

It hurt me to see him like that. If you are reading this note and your heart is wavering, please take care of him.
If not, please leave the note where it is. Thank you.»

Passersby and the rescuer could not contain their emotions after reading this. They immediately began to help Max. Even though the dog was growling with fear, Marcella managed to unbuckle him safely and put him in the car.

Once in the car the dog immediately calmed down.

Once in the car, the dog immediately calmed down and realized they wanted to help him. He was still a little afraid, but no longer growled. And when Marcella brought him back to her house, Max was very grateful for everything.

It turned out that Max was about seven months old. He is an amazing dog. Despite what he has been through, he is a kind and very affectionate boy. Everyone just fell in love with him at first sight.

They are now looking for a forever family for this boy, who would never hurt or betray him. We wish Max to find the best owners as soon as possible!

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