A schoolboy carried a wounded dog in his arms for 5 km to the vet clinic in order to have time to save her

A schoolboy named Vanya was walking across the railway tracks. He was returning from his comrade. This was not the first time Vanya walked along such a road, but this time his gaze was riveted by a cardboard box. Probably most people would have passed by, but not this boy.

The dog was lying in the box and did not move. Vanya thought she wasn’t breathing. However, then he looked more closely and realized that the animal had not died. What is the name of the dog, how she found herself in such a situation – there was no time to think about it.

Vanya called the veterinary hospital. It was five kilometers to walk to the clinic, but this did not frighten the boy. He took the dog and carried her in his arms. Volunteers gave the dog the nickname Fenya.

The boy told reporters the following:

«At first I thought she was dead. Then I looked closer – she was breathing. I carried her in my arms for five kilometers. I stopped several times to rest, because Fenya is heavy.»

While the boy was carrying the dog, she never regained consciousness. Fenya was in a coma. Upon arrival at the clinic, Fenya was immediately placed in the intensive care unit. The boy even paid for the dog’s treatment. He really wanted her life to be saved.

The craving for life in this dog is simply amazing!

The doctors said that the fact that Fenya moved the road while in such a serious condition is a true miracle.

Fenya had numerous head injuries, eye socket injuries and injured limbs were found. Experts concluded that Fenya was beaten. Otherwise, such injuries cannot be explained.

The specialists did everything possible to save Fena’s life. They put plaster on the fractures, normalized the pressure. Two weeks later, Fenya was already eating and drinking on her own.

At the moment, the dog lives with Vanya. Fenya is treated with love and care. However, the surgeon who treated the dog says that Fenya’s reflexes may never be the same. The reason is neurological disorders.

Now the dog is already used to Vanya. She reacts to affection and behaves in a way that can be understood – the dog is comfortable and calm. Also, Fenya made friends with a dwarf pinscher who lives in the house. He was also saved by a boy. The puppy was abandoned in a deserted place, but Vanya, as always, arrived in time.

Fortunately, Fenya’s condition is improving every day. I want to believe that everything will be fine with her. The atmosphere of love and comfort reigns in the house of this family. Therefore, we are convinced that Fenechka is well there.

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