A story that touched the whole of Australia: a retriever saved a baby koala

According to Kerry McKinnon, the owner of Asha, that morning her husband called her to look at something curious. The woman went out on the porch and came across the guilty look of the dog, who hesitated in place and seemed to want to ask:

«And what should I do about it?». By «this» was meant a small, like a toy, baby koala, which clung so tightly to the retriever’s coat that they barely managed to take it off to show it to the vet. The koala cried and resisted, not wanting to part with her savior.

Probably, Kerry McKinnon believes, the baby fell from a tree and came to their house at random. There were frosts at night, up to 5 degrees above zero. Therefore, the koala instinctively sought warmth. The best place was the warm side and thick wool of Asha, who was sleeping peacefully in her booth.

No one understands why she let the koala stay and why she kept her warm. To be honest, the dog had to perform a protective function — it’s a wild beast. But the fact remains, Asha saved the baby koala, who would certainly have died from the cold.

Joey, as the koala was named, was very lucky with Asha. It is not known what instincts worked in the dog, but she saved the baby. He’ll be all right now. But the owner is afraid that Asha may have a new habit — to bring other animals into the house. She’s too compassionate, as it turned out.

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