A stray kitten began caring for kittens, which the mother refused

After seeing several newborn kittens, the red kitten, who was older, decided to take on the duties of an older brother. He took care of the little ones and watched them, feeling how they lacked love and warmth.

A resident of Arizona, USA, not so long ago noticed an abandoned house in her neighborhood, where there were many stray cats. One of them recently gave birth but did not really care about newborn babies. Watching them, the woman saw that someone else was coming to the kittens.

An older red kitten came to the babies and took care of them. He literally took on the role of a babysitter or an older brother, feeling responsible for the kids. He was next to them and played.

When the woman noticed that the mother cat was not even feeding her babies, she decided to intervene. Kittens cried, demanding attention, but only a red kitten came running to their crying. Then the woman contacted Jin’s Bottle Babies shelter, and the kittens were taken for temporary care. They decided to take the red kitten with them.

Five kittens were weak and in terrible condition, but after careful care, they cheered up. Meanwhile, the red kitten, nicknamed Red, continued to take care of them. He watched the kittens, played with them, and took care of them in every possible way.

Red turned out to be a sweet and affectionate boy — he constantly asked for affection and purred for a long time on the lap of the guardian. He is so happy that together with his little «brothers» he grows up in warmth and care.

When the kittens grow up enough, they and their fluffy nanny will find permanent owners. In the meantime, Red continues to fulfill his duties as an older brother, and the kittens bathe him in their love and gratitude!

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