A stray kitten stopped a young man and asked him to take him home

A young man in the forest was stopped by a stray kitten. He was all soaked and followed him, trying to rub against his legs.

На пути к ветеринару для проверки и избавления от блох.He decided that someone decided to leave him in the woods. The kitten just kept up with him! The young man knew that he could not leave the unfortunate kitten alone. So he picked it up and carried it to his car. When the kitten finally settled on his lap, he began to purr intensely and simply adored being loved.

Он нашел любимое место в машине.

The kitten was washed and checked by a veterinarian. He followed his new friend wherever he went. It can be said that it was the kitten that «sheltered» the man as its owner.

He found his favorite place in the car.

Он нашел любимое место в машине.

The veterinarian said that the kitten should be kept warm for a few days. No more wandering in the woods. The kitten loves to sit on the window of his permanent and loving home.

Больше никакого блуждания в лесу. Котенок обожает сидеть на окне своего постоянного и любящего дома.

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