A volunteer sheltered a puppy who lived in a shoe. What has the dog become?

Serbian volunteer Goran Marinkovic can be considered a good angel for a homeless puppy. A man has long been taking care of animals that do not have their own homes and live near a garbage dump, feeding them.

In March of last year, he, as always, brought food to his wards and suddenly saw a small creature huddled into a ball, which turned out to be a tiny puppy on closer inspection.

The animal was skinny, starved, with sore eyes.

He didn’t have the strength to move. The puppy was just lying next to the shoe, where, apparently, he was hiding in bad weather.

The man gave him some food, which the baby greedily swallowed.

Seeing that the puppy was completely alone, Goran could not leave him for certain death and took him with him.

A doggie, found a home and an owner who began to feed and take care of him.

Six months later, the dog was unrecognizable. He became cheerful and inquisitive.

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