A woman discovers three shivering puppies and helps them find a home

It’s unclear how three tiny Labrador puppies ended up on the porch of a Florida house. They looked scared and confused. They are only about two months old: a boy and two girls.

Fortunately, Florida State Trooper Susan Bаrge noticed the puppies on the porch and realized that she needed to do something.

She devoted her time to making these adorable puppies find wonderful families.

In the beginning, she talked to the owner of the residence to find out if the owner knew anything about the frightened puppies.

Bаrge knew that it can be quite cold at night, so it was unbearable for her to watch the puppies shivering from the cold.

Barge took the puppies with her to help them find a home forever. She did everything she could to make sure these dogs stayed safe.

According to Facebook, Barge took them to a warm place for the night and encouraged people to write to her if they were interested in adoption.

Later, the organization Casey’s PAWSitive Stars, a rescue service aimed at the rehabilitation of animals, offered to pick up the puppies.

And it is not surprising that the puppies were taken away and adopted immediately.

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