A woman risks her own life to prevent two men from drowning a dog.

The woman was about to ride her bike in Thomasville, Georgia, when she witnessed the horrifying scene. She noticed two men holding something under the water of the stream. As she got closer, she realized that they were holding a dog.

In a panic, she attacked the men, risking her own life at the same time. But, fortunately, the woman was safe. She managed to save the dog’s life.

The Pit Bull, now known as Miss Hicks, is doing much better. It’s unclear who these men were and why they tried to kill her, but this cute puppy deserves love.

When a woman saw two men trying to drown an innocent dog, she shouted at them. They were surprised and ran away, leaving the dog. The woman put herself in danger, but did what was right.

She pulled the frightened dog out of the water and called for help. She waited next to the dog and comforted her until animal control officer Lauren Warburton arrived.

The dog was dirty, wet and injured.She needed medical attention.

«I started washing her with a sponge because I didn’t want to put her in the water after everything she had been through,» said Jessica Collins, an animal care manager. «All they want is love and to be with a family that will love them and take care of them for the rest of their lives. »

Now the dog is ready for adoption.

Now the staff of the shelter are sure that the tragic story of Miss Hicks will have a happy ending. She has come a long way since her arrival. The 4-year-old puppy was scared and shocked at first, but now she is very happy and loves the people who take care of her.

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