A woman sheltered six disabled dogs and gave them a better life

Unfortunately, there are a lot of stray dogs and dogs living in shelters in the world right now. If healthy animals have chances to get into a new home, then those who have serious health problems have practically none.But thank God there are many good people in the world!

Today we will tell you about the American Tracy Fowler — a woman with a huge heart. She took six disabled dogs to her and gave them a happy life, which they could not even dream of.

One day Tracy lost her pet after a prolonged illness. And to make it easier to cope with the loss, she took two German Shepherds, and it started. Since then, she has been taking dogs from shelters with special needs.

At the moment, she already has six dogs who are very happy that they are so lucky in life. All her pets are paralyzed. And so that they could move around, the woman bought them special strollers. These animals had a very difficult life path. But thanks to Tracy, they are all loved and happy now.

«Now I have eight dogs. Six dogs with special needs, and two German Shepherds who were before that,» says Tracy.

She also admits that she would like to show by her example that there is nothing wrong and terrible in animals with physical characteristics. And this is definitely not a reason to leave them to their fate.

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