A woman took a calf from a cattle breeders’ farm and put it with horses: it thinks it is a racehorse

Fate was not kind to Eston the calf when he was born on a small farm. However, he was seen by Sabine Roy, who bought him from farmers and brought him to her farm, where Eston grew up in the company of horses. In time, he came to consider himself a full racehorse: he could ride over hurdles, stay under saddle and walk at a gallop.

Sabina bought Aston when he was only three months old. She started raising him together with her pony. Gradually, the trainer noticed that the calf behaved just like a horse — he galloped, understood commands and responded perfectly to her voice.

Over time, the bull weighed more than 1000 kg, but this did not affect his behavior. Eston was happy to be ridden under saddle, overcame obstacles and treated the training as a fun game.

Sabine realized that there were advantages to be gained from this situation. She began to train the bull and brought him to a level that would allow him to compete.

Eston continues to perform to this day. He seems to fully consider himself a horse and is great at training and performing.

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