A woman was carrying a malnourished kitten, and her little sister was running after her, also hoping for help.

One day Anna and her husband were planting on their property and heard a loud squeak. They found a tiny kitten in the bushes, meowing wildly to be noticed. The baby was severely emaciated, all dirty and wet.

The kitten was lucky that it was this couple who found him, because they loved animals very much. Anna took him in her arms and carried him into the house. But suddenly quiet footsteps were heard behind her. When she turned around, she saw another kitten, which was a girl and a sister of the first one. She, too, was meowing, asking for help.

The woman immediately fed them, then gave them a bath. She named them Yara and Lesya.

Anna left the kittens to live with her. And the dog, who lived with the couple, immediately began to take care of the babies.

That’s how the little defenseless babies found a home, loving owners and a four-legged protector.

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