After 2 months, the owners managed to find their dog, which was carried away by a tornado

The Johnson family from Tennessee did not even suspect that in addition to the pandemic, they would have to face a dangerous element. A strong tornado swept through the state in which they lived, which left many Tennessee residents without homes.

Eric and Faith and their children were able to escape only thanks to their Australian shepherd named Bella. She attracted the attention of the owners in about five minutes, as the elements hit their house. The family managed to hide in the bathroom, but this did not save their house from complete destruction.

The worst thing was that their pet was carried away by a tornado. The Johnsons thought they wouldn’t see Bella anymore. But still they did not give up and continued to search for her. They’ve been putting up ads everywhere for two months, asking people. The couple even left pieces of their belongings on the streets so that the dog could find its way home by smell.

And now 55 days have passed since the disappearance. Faith got a call from her friend Sarah and said that she had seen Bella not far from her house, which was 8 kilometers from the Johnson house.

Bella wouldn’t let anyone near her. And it was obvious that she was very scared. She didn’t even recognize Eric because of stress and hunger. The man was able to catch her in a dead end. Now Bella is back to normal and everything is fine with her.

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