After seeing these photos everyone will want a dog!

A dog is a friend of man! They are loyal, kind and sweet, they will give their life for their owners, they will not abandon them, they will not betray them, they will not forget them!

Julian and his Newfoundland, Max, together since they were very young

During the World Cup, Peruvian Ricardo rescued a stray dog. The dog had a wounded leg and the man could not leave him. Businka now lives with him. After the rescue, the man came back for the dog and took him away!

Eric was obese and diabetic, the man could not get his life in order, the doctors suggested he get a dog. The man adopted an older, overweight dog from an animal shelter. Pitty and Eric lost weight together and transformed. Pitty is gone, but Eric remembers the pet and runs in his memory.

A man cuddles his dog, rescued from the rubble of a house after a tornado.

A few hours before the euthanasia, Heather brought John home from the sanctuary. Now they do everything together!

Specially trained dogs soothe children at the dentist.

Kelly and his Malamute Loki — they’ve already seen half the world!

John takes his elderly dog to the water every day to help him relax: because of his arthritis and pain, the dog can only sleep so much. His owner holds him in the water for several hours to help him sleep.

Italian grandmother Kelly and her faithful dog.

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