Amazing three-year-old drummer baby

Lyonya is a long-awaited light and joy for his father and mother, and almost all of their free and non-free time is devoted to him now. There were no children for a long time, and then — such a, literally, wonderful baby boy. They say that before he said his first traditional words, he began to make rhythmic sounds — ta-ta-tata. There’s more. He found some fancy «toys» in the house — pots and pans — and realized he could hit them…

When the kitchen utensils have exhausted themselves and ceased to please the boy, yearning for more rhythm and more sound, he received a present from his father’s real drum. Lyonya was three years old at the time. How could the boy have known that there were such curious things in the world? But Lyonya knew, moreover, the love for drums was already living in his little child’s heart at that time…

The child’s parents are ordinary people, the father is a decorator and the mother is a housewife, but both are involved in music. Nadia sings in the choir at an evangelical church, Denis plays the lead guitar during services. In general, music is in the boy’s blood. From the age of two his parents took him to worship services, and he became acquainted with musical instruments early on and spotted a drum kit among them. So his spontaneous study of music began.

«I go to work and play him some music videos on the Internet,» says the boy’s father, «and in the evening he can already play back what he has heard in the recordings. He keeps the rhythm clearly and plays the beats, and makes pauses where necessary. He’s so happy about it, you can’t imagine.»

By the age of four, the little drummer has already managed to please not only television viewers, but also the participants of several banquets and corporate events, he is often invited to the holidays. In general, Leonid is a hard worker. Just come into the house, his mother says, and he is already at his instruments.

The desire to beat out a rhythm follows him everywhere. They say that even on the bus, he begins to drum on the seats. Passengers, of course, like all normal people, get excited about what they see and hear.

«Where does your music live, where does it come from?» — Lyonya’s parents ask him, and the boy points to his heart.

Denis has no doubt that his son will become a professional drummer and is going to send him to music school. There are even plans to organize a family band.

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