An 8-month-old puppy took his new blanket outside to share with a frozen stray dog

Not a day goes by without a dog teaching us a valuable life lesson. Today we are going to tell you about Lana, an 8-month-old puppy from Brazil. Lana was rescued from the streets and adopted by Suellen Schaumloffel and her partner. Now the dog lives in comfort and receives so much love from this couple. However, she still remembers what it is like to be a stray dog.

According to Suellen, Lana is the cutest little dog she has ever met.

One cold day last winter, Suellen made sure to provide Lana with a warm blanket. While getting comfortable in her dog kennel, Lana noticed a stray dog wandering the streets. When Suellen’s partner came out of the house, he found that Lana had dragged the blanket across the front yard and shared it with the stray dog.

It was such a touching sight for Suellen. Since then, the couple has seen the dog around quite often, but they have never been able to make a connection with him, as he runs away every time they try to get close. However, they tried to help him by leaving food and water for him.

Although Lana now lives in a cozy dog house, she still knows what it’s like to live outside without food or shelter, so she tried to help a homeless dog in need. This enchanting sight could melt the heart of any pet lover.

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