An 8-year-old boy rescued a strange grandmother

An American named Maurice Adams Junior stopped traffic on the road to help an elderly woman.

The eight-year-old was driving with his mother in an SUV when they saw the grandmother trying to climb stairs near a busy intersection and could have fallen at any moment. The woman immediately stopped the car, and Adams ran out onto the highway and blocked traffic. From that point on he began to be filmed.

The child ran up to the older woman, put his hand on her back, and leisurely helped her up to the top of the stairs, repositioning her walker. When the couple reached the top, the grandmother hugged the boy and called him special.

The child had no idea that anyone was filming him.

In an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta, Adams’ mother said she was proud of her son.

«It’s very touching. It shows respect and that the parenting process is going the right way,» the woman explained.

One witness to the good deed also told reporters that he caught up with the boy and gave him $100.

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