An 83-year-old man thinks he lost everything in the fire, until something emerges from the burning rubble.

An explosion at the house of an 83-year-old man caused a fire that turned his house into ruins.

However, in the midst of the real tragedy, his beloved pet, his cat, was able to crawl out from under the burning rubble of the house.

The man was alone at home when his wife and sons went out on business. The man got very cold and got up to put petrol in the stove. However, he did this very wrongly. The fire from the cooker spread to the walls and the wooden house literally burst into flames in the blink of an eye.

Miraculously, the elderly man was able to escape the house. As he fled, he did not think about his belongings and documents. He thought he had lost everything. However, his beloved cat managed to escape from under the rubble of the burning house.

The man held the cat saved from the fire to his chest and burst into tears. He stood with the rescued cat and watched in tears as his house burned.

The man was lucky. He managed to get out of the burning house, but he lost all his belongings in the fire. Thirteen of the 14 chickens died in the fire, and the house was a pile of embers.

Against all odds, the 83-year-old man managed to escape with minor burns. He was later quickly released from the hospital.

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