An 86-year-old bride captivated the Internet with her wedding dress!

Millie Taylor-Morrison got married at the age of 86, proving that all ages can conquer love. She and 85-year-old Harold Morrison recently got married, and the bride captivated all the guests of the ceremony with her wedding gown, which, moreover, she designed herself.

A photo of Millie, who got married for the second time, was posted on Facebook by her granddaughter. She said that Millie had thought up her wedding look all by herself. In her youth, she worked as a model, so she is quite close to the fashion world.

Thanks to her career, the woman has excellent taste and the ability to choose the right designs.

To look like that at 86 years old, it’s amazing.The bouquet fits her image perfectly.


Millie lived with her first husband for 41 years. But unfortunately, he died early. And she decided to get married a second time only 24 years after his death. Her second husband was an old friend who had been by her side all her life.

They were married in Verona, New Jersey, USA.

She looks like a queen.

In the comments on the photo, Khadija wrote the following:

«My grandmother just recently turned 86, and her new husband will turn 86 in December. Grandma was married to Grandpa for 41 years and then he was gone. Our whole family is just happy that she found love again almost 25 years later!»

The first dance of the newlyweds.

A happy married couple.

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