An elephant rushed to the aid of a drowning man and pulled him to shore

The video that appeared on the Internet was astonishing in its number of views and positive reviews. It shows a man drowning in a river and a baby elephant rushes to his rescue and helps him with his trunk to swim to shore.

Elephants are the largest animals on earth, but they are also very intelligent. If they are treated softly, then they also like to live in harmony with humans. By the way, there are many such animals on earth, which live with humans very lovingly, such as dogs, cats etc. Although they are small animals, it is very surprising for humans to live, play and play with a huge animal like an elephant. You must have seen elephant babies. They are very cute. Their jokes are very funny. A video of a baby elephant is becoming very viral on social media these days, but he does not do gimmicks, but is seen saving the life of a person drowning in water.

In fact, it was a little different. The man in the video is 42-year-old elephant sanctuary employee Derek, and also a friend of five-year-old elephant cub Kham Lhoi.

Derek decided to see how attached the elephant was to him, and whether Kham Lhoy would help him if he found himself in trouble. Thrown into the river in front of the animal, the man pretended to drown and began to call for help. Kham, could not allow the death of his friend and reacted instantly.

The baby elephant immediately went down into the water and started walking toward the man with quick steps. He approaches the man, trying to pick him up and drag him ashore. Although in doing so, the man is laughing.

This «humanity» of the elephant is worth seeing. Normally, if a man drowns in water, those around him come to save him. And here the elephant set a perfect example of ‘humanity’.

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