An incredible combination: black fur and blue eyes. An unusual jaguar cub is given a name

There’s an event in Kent County! In the reserve, a young jaguar cat is finally given a name. This jaguar is an amazing creature, because there are not so many black jaguars in the world. In addition, do not forget that the whole species as a whole is considered vulnerable, which means this kitten is even more unique!

She doesn’t know yet that she is incredibly rare.

A baby with her mom named Keira.

And here’s the girl’s dad. His name is Nero. The kitty took after him with her unusual appearance.

Until the 70s of the last century, every year people exterminated about 18 thousand individuals of jaguars for their fur. Now this is no longer happening. However, their population is recovering at a very low rate. Keira and Nero were born in captivity. A couple of years ago they formed a couple. And last year, employees saw that Keira’s stomach began to round up. No one interfered in the life of the jaguars.

Only a couple of surveillance cameras were installed in their enclosure. In April, the couple had a healthy baby girl. After a couple of weeks, she opened her eyes and walked confidently.

Employees call her simply – Baby. However, very soon she will be given a real name.

Everyone is hoping for her, because someone must finally revive the jaguar family.

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