An incredible story of friendship between a wild leopard and a cow

An unusual relationship has developed between a wild leopard and a cow in the Indian state of Gujarat that is simply unbelievable. According to the original story posted on the networks, the incident took place in 2002.
Many social media posts claim that the leopard’s mother was not alive. And the cow gave him milk and comfort.

Residents of the village of Antoli began to complain about the appearance of a leopard near their homes. Foresters decided to relocate some of the leopards to a nearby forest.

A family with a cow and two bulls noticed that a leopard had started visiting their cow. The leopard visited the cow continuously from October 8 to 22, every night, usually between 9:30 and 11:00 p.m. Then again from November 4 to 29. For some reason, from November 30 through December 29, the leopard stayed away. But he was seen in the vicinity.

The leopard kept appearing and disappearing until the first week of March. And then he never came back. There were many different interpretations of the strange behavior.

«I could not understand why the leopard was regularly seeing the cow. But I wondered more why the cow would accept her enemy and love her the way she loved her calves,» said one local resident.

The cow sometimes licked the leopard’s head and neck. Indeed, it seemed to many observers that the cow behaved toward the leopard as she did toward her own calf.

Perhaps no one will ever be able to to say with certainty what the truth was, but it’s clear that the behavior of both the cow and the leopard was strange and unbelievable.

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