Andrea Bocelli sang for the first time with his adult son. A stunning duet!

The son took all the best from his father — looks, talent, and charisma.

The world’s most recognizable and beloved performer of classical music, Italian hottie Andrea Bocelli presented his new record to the public.

On this record Andrea Bocelli has collected completely new recordings, both solo and duet. However, there is one record on it that is very important for Andrea Bocelli. It is dear to his heart. It’s a recording where he sang with his adult son Matteo.

Matteo is now twenty years old and has inherited his father’s talent. The recording itself is about the relationship between father and son. Both Andrea and his son Matteo perform from the heart. And it feels very strong.

The clip shows family photos of the boy growing up.

As it turned out, Andrea Bocelli’s song with his son Matteo will be the soundtrack of a new Disney movie, The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms.

Besides Matteo, his father was also helped by his eldest son, Amos, when recording the album. Amos is not a singer of songs. He plays the piano parts.

In addition to his sons, Andrea Bocelli also has a little daughter. Many fans hope one day to hear Andrea’s song with his daughter as well.

The composition is really very chic. So much power, so much tenderness, so much love in this duet. This is what fatherly love looks like. That’s exactly what a son’s love for his daddy looks like. Very touching! It is impossible to listen without tears. This duet really touches the soul.

Super! I haven’t seen Andrea Bocelli’s son before. The guy is really handsome. And the way he sings. Andrea can be proud of him. Such a son! He looks like his father when he was young.

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