As soon as the cat realized that the dog was sick, he immediately began to take care of him

The girl always referred to herself as a dog lover.But her first pet was a cat named Evlin. When the dog finally appeared in the house, the cat accepted the new friend very well. He played with him and even washed the puppy’s face. The dog, who was named Baron, grew up quickly, was active and playful. But over time, disturbing symptoms began to appear. The dog suddenly fell to the ground and convulsed. Such seizures rarely began, but over time they began to occur more often.

The veterinarian examined the dog and prescribed medications. After taking the pills, the seizures stopped. But the Baron has changed a lot. He was constantly sleeping, was very quiet and was not interested in anything around.

The cat seemed to sense that something was wrong. He settled down next to the dog, licked his muzzle and stroked him with his paw, provided all possible support and tried to help.

Surprisingly, such care has benefited the dog. Despite taking medications, the dog began to try to get up from his seat and be active. The intensity of seizures began to fall, the dog went on the mend.

The owner was most impressed by the cat’s intuition. After all, he independently guessed about the illness of a friend. Most of all, she was struck by the care with which the cat treated his friend. And how much effort he put into restoring the dog’s interest in life.

The Baron also liked the cat’s care. Even when he got better, he still came and lay down next to the cat, demanding care. A cat never refuses a friend’s attention.

Despite the strong friendship, the cat and the dog do not always behave well. Very often they swear, sometimes it even comes to fights. Animal quarrels look very cute and always end with a touching reconciliation.

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