Bear found a mattress at the dump and had a full relaxation session on it

This bear is having a great start to the week. This bear knows how to relax to the fullest, even if he’s resting in a junkyard. After all, people didn’t throw away a good mattress for nothing. It’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Few people know, but bears sometimes walk around the city and even look into people’s houses. For them it is a kind of going out into the world. If they don’t find anything interesting or useful, they leave right away.

This black-colored bear got the lucky ticket. He found a junkyard where he was able to rest in posh conditions. This story happened in Canada. The bear was spotted by a woman named Keira Mamakwa. Keira was in a bad mood that day. She came home from work and went out to throw out the garbage she had accumulated. What she saw lifted her spirits for a long time.

The bear looked perfectly happy and relaxed. It was as if he was resting from the hustle and bustle of the world on the mattress he had found. At first Keira thought that Bear had come to the landfill to find food. But then she noticed that he didn’t look hungry, he was just resting on the mattress.

The bear did not pay any attention to the woman. That’s why she managed to take such funny pictures. Apparently, the bear decided to have an unforgettable vacation. After all, finding a mattress is a lucky thing that doesn’t happen very often.

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