Beer-loving pony became mayor of English village

This four-legged beer lover has won the hearts and minds of the villagers of Cockington, Devon, England. So now he has been elected mayor.

A pony named Patrick is quite worthy of this title. After all, like a true politician, he successfully appealed to the general public and won everyone’s affection. Patrick became famous for his fondness for Guinness beer and for the fact that he can often be seen (and talked to) at The Drum, a local pub where the little horse has his own «drinking corner».

Kirk Petrakis began bringing his pony to the pub as a therapy animal that could help calm and improve mood. But now Patrick’s sphere of activity is not limited to the drinking establishment. He spends a lot of time visiting rehab meetings, hospitals and schools to give positive vibes.

Now hundreds of people have supported a petition to appoint Patrick mayor of Cockington. And the town favorite, who was given an official costume by his owners, has become the first mayor pony.

Patrick has not yet made a welcoming speech or announced his program. However, he will simply continue to do his usual business. After all, the position of pony, though honorable, is unofficial.

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