Birds whose facial expressions speak louder than all words

It often happens that cute animals look better in pictures than people. If there were a contest among animals for the best face of the year, the first place would definitely go to this cutie, the Venezuelan Potoo or woodpecker. The fountain of emotion displayed on this feathered «face» is simply stunning.

Potoos are insectivorous, nocturnal and related to nightjars and frogmouths.

There are seven species of these cute birds.

They inhabit the tropical forests of Central and South America.

Potoos are nocturnal birds that hunt for insects as darkness falls.
Fast and nimble, potoos catch flies on the move.

By day, the little hunters rest on tree stumps, and their coloring makes them almost invisible against the background of the tree bark.

The birds bear only one egg each, which they leave right on the stump.

Their unusual faces with beaks will not leave anyone indifferent.

Birds whose facial expressions speak louder than all words have no idea how charismatic they are. Many celebrities would do well to learn from these posers how to behave properly in front of the camera. Nature knows how to joke — the main thing is to be able to notice its humor.

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