Bride chooses a chicken as her maid of honor: she had not found the right person to play this role

Deciding to get married is one of the most exciting things in the lives of couples who strongly desire it. There are men and women who do everything to make that day special. So we try to organize and take care of every aspect in the best possible way. One of the most difficult choices to make is, without a shadow of a doubt, the one regarding the groomsmen and bridesmaids. And if a bride or groom didn’t have the right person by their side to fill these roles, what could be done?

The protagonist couple in this story found the ideal solution that made not only the guests go wide-eyed, but also the many users who saw the photos from that day. Let’s understand the reasons together.

Haley and Ty are two newlyweds who became famous on the web for their choice of bridesmaid. Not having a special friend, the bride decided, along with her beloved, to discuss the matter with a close friend, Dave. He, who has a beautiful chicken as a pet, could not help but propose her as an alternative. That’s right.

The couple, not even a little bothered by this, decided to take as bridesmaid Sammi Chicken.

Bridesmaids are often beautiful girls in brightly colored dresses who accompany the bride and stand by her side throughout the ceremony, Sammi was no exception. Wrapped in a wonderful blue tutu, with an eye-catching white flower on the chest, the chicken has become very popular, mainly because of the ease shown in posing for the wedding photos.

Whether with the bride and groom or alone, Sammi appears very calm in front of the camera, and her dress creates a perfect backdrop for capturing such a memorable and original moment. Who, after all, wouldn’t want a hen as a bridesmaid? Of course, it is not a choice that is often made, but we cannot deny that it has been effective and will not be easily forgotten by those who have heard of it.

Did you also do something so original at your wedding, or would you like to?

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