Can you solve a detective mystery with one picture?

You don’t have to add up ten-digit numbers in your head to stretch your brain properly. Sometimes one picture that already contains the answer is enough.

We suggest that you try to solve this little puzzle right now.

On a hot summer day, Inspector Warnicke decided to sunbathe for a while on the riverbank. Suddenly he heard a woman crying:

«What’s the matter? What’s wrong?» he asked the sobbing girl. «Please calm down and tell me everything in order.»

«It’s good for you to talk,» the woman said through her sobs. «You have no idea how much this bracelet means to me. I come here every day. Today I took the bracelet off to tan my arm, put it on a book, and accidentally dozed off. I woke up and the bracelet was gone.»

Inspector Warnicke sank into deep thought: there were no traces visible in the sand around the mat, except those of the victim herself. No unauthorized people seemed to have been here. So the bracelet could only have been stolen by one of the regular beach-goers, who now surrounded the inspector with a dense wall. The inspector looked around and after a moment realized who might have done it.


Only a man with a fishing rod could reach the bracelet without leaving traces in the sand. He was the first person suspected of having reached the bracelet without leaving a trace in the sand.

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