Cheese was disappearing from the mousetraps, but there was still no catch: the farmer set up a camera to deal with it

A farmer installed some mousetraps in his kitchen. However, despite all the precautions, the cheese kept disappearing. All the mousetraps were empty and the farmer was at a loss. To solve the mystery, he set up a hidden camera and began to observe the situation.

One day, while watching the footage, a farmer noticed a clever rat that had infiltrated his kitchen. It was at night, and the rat walked right up to the camera lens without fear.

It did not go straight for the cheese, but carefully examined all the traps that had been set. The rat had experience and a knack for getting around increasingly difficult obstacles, as its actions on the tape clearly showed.

After examining the traps, the rat took out a stick he had found nearby. Using the stick, it carefully deactivated the trap mechanisms and pulled the cheese out safely. The little creature showed such confidence and intelligence that the farmer was amazed.

This case shows that we often underestimate the ability of animals to adapt and behave intelligently. Even the common rat was able to overcome mechanical obstacles and reach the food it wanted.

It’s an impressive reminder that nature has amazing powers and unrivalled intelligence.

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