Chimpanzees help to take care of a sick puppy, and he recovers

Johnny Desmond and her husband Jim lead the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue operation. One day, driving through the streets of one of the villages in Liberia, Jenny came across a tiny puppy that seemed very sick and fragile. She named the tiny puppy Snafu and brought the dog to a shelter for chimpanzees. Snafu had a severe skin infection, needed deworming and was clearly suffering from malnutrition.

Jenny’s husband, Jim, helped her cure a tiny puppy. He even injected her with fluid intravenously to combat dehydration. Little by little, Snafu’s strength was returning.

When the dog became stronger, Snafu was allowed to communicate with chimpanzees. Surprisingly, the chimpanzees loved to pick up and cuddle a tiny puppy, which seemed to enjoy everyone’s attention. The chimpanzees played with Snafu for hours, and she continued to get better and grow.

When it was time for Snafu to find a permanent home, Jenny sent her to America, Colorado, to her sister, son-in-law and their two little daughters. Thanks to the special care that Snafu received from Jenny, Jim and the chimpanzees, she escaped the embrace of death and became a healthy and cheerful tailed companion for her new family.

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