Chinese crested dog looking for a home after authorities rescued it from hell

Roger is a 6-year-old Chinese Crested dog who had never seen the joys of life before. He spent his whole life locked in a cage outside the house. He was only allowed out into the garden once a day just to relieve himself.

He had many congeners, but they were subjected to the same treatment, so he never crossed paths with them. Chance saved the unfortunate dog. An investigator from the RSPCA learned of the story and ordered the dogs seized. They were turned over to various animal welfare associations.

Roger was transferred to the Ashley Heath Animal Center in Ringwood, Hampshire, England, where volunteers give him their full attention.

At the shelter, Roger has developed behavioral problems, especially toward other dogs whom he considers a threat.

Therefore, shelter volunteers and dog trainers spent a lot of time training and gaining Roger’s trust.

«When he is trained he prefers food as praise and his handsome face lights up with a cheerful expression as soon as he hears the words ‘good boy,'» ,» said a Mirror spokesman.

Today Roger is transformed. He expresses gratitude and shows his affection for his rescuers.

«His caregivers love spending time with him, especially when he snuggles up to them,» the shelter description reads.

Now Roger is looking for owners who will give him the attention and love he deserves.With gentleness and perseverance, he will be the perfect travel companion.

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