Dad and daughter captivated holidaymakers with their fiery dance

Omur Abay and his daughter Sena are famous dancers who are known to zumba lovers from all over the world. It is known that Omur is a popular fitness trainer, to whose training many women dream to get. Sena is in no way inferior to the talent of her father. She has attended his trainings since childhood, so she also became a professional in this field.

While on vacation, the father and daughter decided to cheer up all the vacationers by performing a fiery zumba right on the beach.

It seems that they are just dancing, sweetly having fun and enjoying this moment, without thinking about the sequence of steps. Dancing in the fresh air in the company of a loved one – what could be more exciting. This positive atmosphere is the essence of zumba – life-affirming fitness dance, to which all ages are submissive.

Just look how much life and positivity is in this dance! Look how synchronously they perform the uncomplicated movements of this cheerful dance!

Be sure to watch this cute video.

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