Disabled puppy rescued after being chained to an old truck and left to starve for ten days

It’s heartbreaking to see so many dogs and cats abandoned and mistreated by their owners, whom they love so much. But sometimes, despite difficult circumstances, these animals still survive to live a happy life in the loving families they deserve.

So it was with Duke, a 10-month-old dog who was chained to an old truck outside the city and left to starve. The owner didn’t want Duke anymore and threw him out like trash because he was sick.

Without food and water for 10 days, Duke was extremely exhausted and weak. He was covered in his own feces, and his whole body was covered with fleas. In addition to malnutrition, his legs were broken as a result of abuse.




















«It was a real shock,» Rawls told The Dodo. «His legs were broken. There were no ligaments on the feet.»

As the shelter was full, Rawls took Duke home and introduced him to his wife and other pets.

After surgery to restore his feet, Duke was able to walk. He learned to trust people again and began to get used to his new loving environment. Then something extraordinary happened: he was adopted by the most beautiful woman in England.

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