Dog brings home a baby animal: turns out it’s a bear cub

“Look what the dog drug home!,” a family dog in Washington County brought an orphaned bear cub to it’s owners. The baby, which weighed only 540g (or about 1.2 lb) was found dehydrated, with mom nowhere to be seen.

Infant black bear cub rescued and rehabilitated in Virginia after brush with death | WJLA

It was obvious that the dog brought someone from their backyard.

The friendly dog suspected that it might be a puppy, but the owners saw that it was just a little bear cub. Soon, after the examination turned out that their dog saved his life. He was very exhausted and weak.

The bear cub was immediately transported to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Here, the devoted rehabilitation team put him into an incubator and started the refeeding process.

“It’s a great example of all of us working together to provide what a wild animal needs most!” said Amanda Nicholson, the director of outreach at the Wildlife Center.

Perhaps the cub got lost and couldn’t go after his family.Thanks to the dog and the staff of the center, the cub was alive and is quickly recovering.

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