Dog helps his blind and deaf sister cope with life: they’re looking for a home

Star and Denver are very attached to each other and it is likely that this close relationship will remain between them forever.

A dog was found in Louisiana with eight puppies, Star and Denver among them. The couple who found the family had just been out for a walk when they saw the dog and puppies that the previous owner had thrown out to their fate.

The couple decided to help and took the mother and the babies to their home. In this house the family lived until the pups learned to eat on their own.

When the babies stopped needing their mother, the staff of the animal rescue center took them in. They began to look for a new home for the little ones.

The six puppies found owners quickly, Star and Denver are still living at the center and waiting for a family who wants to take them.

These babies need a home to take them in together. Star can’t hear or see very well, and Denver has taken on the role of her guide.

The dog looks after her sister, helps her and protects her. It’s as if Denver gives Star the strength to overcome any obstacle.

When you look at this couple, you realize that they are bound together by a strong bond that cannot be broken.

The dogs do everything together: explore, play, eat, fight, and sleep.

According to the center worker, Denver is constantly by Star’s side and does everything he can to make sure she knows she is safe.

«He’s always showing that he’s there for her by nudging her slightly and making his presence known,» the worker says.

The puppies are beautiful, smart and kind, and they are sure to make some family happy. The staff is confident that they will find homes for Star and Denver and that they will continue to be together forever.

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