Every night the mutt comes to the doorstep of the restaurant and waits patiently: she still hopes

The restaurant where I work as a security guard has a very good team. The employees quickly became friends, I like going to work and I spend most of my time here, going home only to rest. One day we got a pet at work who also became part of the team and was named Buddy.

The dog started showing up outside the restaurant every evening and standing at the glass doors. The manager banned the animal inside, so we all started taking the dog outside with treats. Every day the dog would come and patiently wait for one of the employees to come out to him and bring him treats. The dog gladly accepted the food, but in his eyes we could read sadness and hope that someone would want to give him a home.

No one could take him, including me, because I spent all my day at work. The dog needed to be given time, to walk with him, and I just couldn’t do that. I was only home after 8 p.m., all the time before going to bed was taken up with household chores.

It took a very long time to find an owner for Buddy, but we got lucky. An acquaintance of mine unexpectedly wanted to get a dog and agreed to take Buddy. I had known this man for many years and was sure that he would treat the dog well. Now Buddy has an owner, a warm home, and the care he so desperately needed.

I like to think that I was able to help both the stray dog and my acquaintance. Good deeds don’t take much effort, but they give joy, which is the best reward.

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