Everyone was impressed by the dance of a father and daughter

American stand-up comedian Mike Hanley and his 13-year-old daughter Jessica literally blew up the dance floor at Jessica’s birthday party. Starting with a formal slow dance, Mike and Jessica turned it into a crazy five-minute medley of the most electrifying dance hits.

In truth, this dance impromptu could easily rival the classic father-daughter wedding dances.

Even though Mike wasn’t immediately ready to dance to Lady GaGa, Jackson 5, and The Sugarhill Gang, he was able to get into the rhythm from the first moments and continue dancing like nothing happened.

And Madonna’s rendition of the Vogue song was even better for daddy than it was for the 13-year-old.

Look at that, the dance is as much fun for Dad as it is for his daughter.

And try to persuade Daddy to try his hand at a birthday dance too. The main thing is to choose the right music.

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