Evil street cat became affectionate and kind thanks to a friendly dog

Street cats are often half-wild and untrusting. And that’s not surprising. After all, many of them have known nothing but cruelty and neglect.

A black and white pregnant cat named Banksy was also very embittered. She was wary of everyone until she met the people at Salty Animal Rescue and a dog named Nud.

When the cat was brought to the center, it wouldn’t let anyone touch it and hissed every time it saw a human hand approaching it. A Salty Animal Rescue employee’s dog came to the rescue. It was her friendliness and openness that helped Banksy become kind and calm and get used to being touched by strangers. These changes allowed the center’s employees to properly care for the cat and her kittens.

After realizing that the people and animals around her didn’t want to harm her and her kittens, Banksy finally turned into a very affectionate and playful kitty. Now the feline family is doing just fine. Soon Salty Animal Rescue will begin looking for families for them to live with permanently.

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