Father and son make pancakes that are too stunning to eat

The father and son duo from Melbourne, Australia, known on social media as Tiger Tomato, turn pancake batter into true works of art that are too good to just eat. The Australians began making their unusual pancakes in 2015, and since then their work has gained millions of fans.

Tiger Tomato begins their art and culinary work by choosing a sketch. Mostly father and son are inspired by characters from popular cartoons, movies, TV shows and video games. But sometimes they also make pancakes in the form of emblems of various companies and brands.

To create a pancake, the artists first outline a dough pattern on a sheet with a special needle, then fill in the blanks with colored dough. They then wait a couple of minutes for the pancake to bake and flip it over, revealing an intricate edible masterpiece.

«Pancake batter is the first edible product we decided to work with. We just really liked the idea of combining art and food,» the Australians said.

Cooking some particularly intricate edible works of art takes much longer than frying ordinary pancakes. But the result is worth every minute spent. And while we would be sorry to eat such beautiful pancakes, the Australians at Tiger Tomato admit that they eat all of their masterpieces as soon as they take them on video.

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