Father falls asleep, exhausted at work: daughter covers his shoulders with her jacket

When we grow up, life teaches us that we must work to earn a living: the more we work, the more we earn and the better we live. More often than not, however, life presents us with serious challenges, and no matter how hard we work, sometimes we have to work even harder to make ends meet and support our family.

This spirit of sacrifice and gratitude is passed on from adults to children, and in many cases it is the little ones who give the older ones a lesson in wisdom. At least that was the case with the little girl who silently supported her exhausted father after a day’s work.

Wang, the protagonist of this story, had to do everything he could not to lose his restaurant during a very difficult time. This meant that he had to make some changes to keep his restaurant open, including working long extra hours without any help. During the short break Wang gave himself, he took a nap to recuperate while resting on the kitchen counter. What he did not expect was for his daughter to come and see him.

The scene was captured by the restaurant’s security cameras. The footage shows Wang leaning his head on a table, taking a short break. His daughter surreptitiously walks up to him, takes off her jacket and throws it over her father’s shoulders.

After his daughter leaves, the man realizes that his daughter’s jacket is hanging on his back. He was so touched by his little girl’s gesture that he burst into tears of tenderness and gratitude.

The video also touched many Internet users, who commented on the child’s sweet gesture, praising her for her strong empathy and sensitivity.

«She learned love from her parents,» one girl wrote.
«It’s so touching to see how children appreciate their parents,» remarked another.

Others, however, asked that the restaurant be named in support of this great father.

A story with a happy ending that shows that hard work is always rewarded, even in small gestures like this one.

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