For 25 years the man has lived in the dwelling only with his dog. What he has created in this dwelling is difficult to describe in words!

Ra Paulette creates amazing man-made caves in New Mexico. At 67 years old, he works tirelessly every day. Using simple tools such as a shovel, pickaxe, and cart, he digs huge passages, tunnels, and caves in the sandstone that he personally shapes with all his tenacity and amazing craftsmanship.

He says he thoroughly enjoys every minute of this laborious task. Ra Paulette says he has found his life’s work and is very happy about it. He receives a small token fee for his caves, but the man seeks neither fame nor money.

He wants his creations to make people feel away from the mundane and make them think about their place in the world.

Ra Paulette has no special education. He just woke up one day and realized he wanted to dig caves.

This extraordinary man dug his first cave in 1987.

The creator did not expect that it would become so popular, and had to close the cave to visitors, because all the necessary safety measures were not observed.

The walls of Ra Paulette’s caves are decorated with various ornaments of his own.

Ra Poletta’s beautiful works are mesmerizing. It’s hard to imagine how much effort it took him to create them all. The man creates, above all, for other people, wanting to help them feel at one with the world. The caves of Ra Poletta are made very beautifully and professionally: it seems that this man has a special talent. So far, Ra Polette has created 14 caves and is working on the 15th, which is the best and most ambitious of his works.

He has been working tirelessly on this project for ten years. It is to be a special place where a person can feel his connection to the earth and reflect on his own essence.

After the first success, the master was tried to be hired, but he refused as he cannot make caves any other way than following his own inspiration.

This incredible man and his creations were the subject of an Oscar-nominated film, «The Cave Digger.

Look at how creative the man was in putting his ideas into practice! Analogues of Egyptian frescoes greet the visitor «in the hallway» of this original home. And the bedroom is decorated with wall sculptures in the antique style.

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