German shepherd dog rescued after 8 years of abuse died after gaining family

Rex, a dog mistreated by his former owners and then rescued by Strasbourg SPA, has left us. Sad news. But it is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Rex, at the end of his life, was able to experience the loving and warm family life he deserved after so many years of suffering.

Rex’s story made a lot of noise. Rescued by Strasbourg SPA after a lifelong ordeal, he recently found peace in his foster family before passing away from illness last Tuesday.

The nightmare lasted eight long years for this German Shepherd . Earlier this year, Strasbourg SPA posted on its Facebook page an appeal to find him a new home.

Before, he knew only pain and loneliness. He lived locked in a barn in the middle of dirt and his excrement. People came to him only to feed or water him. He received no human warmth.

Rescued and placed in a shelter, he was first adopted in April 2021. Rex suffered from an autoimmune disease that caused him to become severely itchy and to form scabs all over his body. His health was deteriorating and he even almost died from it. Then he was barely saved. His owners could no longer keep him, and the German Shepherd returned to the Alsatian shelter.

After Strasbourg SPA shared a Facebook post about Rex in January, the dog was given another chance. This time the choice was the right one. A family living in Phillipsburg, Moselle, adopted him. The animal got much better thanks to the care of the shelter team and veterinarians, and he was able to fully enjoy his new life.

«A great lesson in resilience for life.»
He was surrounded and loved to the end. Until that sad day Tuesday, June 21, when he left because of this disease that came back to him again.

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