Goodbye, our pregnant girl, we tried our best to save you

Margot, a German Shepherd, became our ward quite recently. Before that we saw a post that said the dog was running in a field, far away from any shelter. Some friends of mine went to look for Margot and managed to find her despite the fact that it was nighttime outside. We were very happy for Margot and she reciprocated, happily throwing herself into the arms of her rescuers and smiling all the time.

The first thing we did was take the dog to the vet, who determined that she was expecting babies. We took the sheepdog to a pet hotel, figuring that when she had rested and gained strength, we would take her to the clinic to have her spayed. It had been less than two days since we had taken Margot from the street when her condition rapidly deteriorated. The dog was growing weaker by the minute, so we rushed her to the clinic. The doctors presumed that Margot had enteritis.

For two days the doctors and I fought for every minute of her life. Margot was adopted by Sveta, who knows how to help animals and has helped us many times with our pets. Sveta stayed up for three nights lying on the floor next to Margo and watching how she was feeling.

Unfortunately, our efforts were in vain…

Starvation, life on the street, pregnancy — all this was too much for Margot’s body to handle. She could not overcome the consequences of being betrayed by being thrown out in the middle of the field. Margot was only with us for two days, but she managed to fall in love with everyone who got to know her.

She was a wonderful dog and we would have found her a new family where her love and faithfulness would have been reciprocated. But fate decided otherwise…

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